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How to Make Oroshi-Soba & Kakiage from Demon Slayer

Cooks in 20 mins Difficulty Easy
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Today, I’d like to share with you how to make Oroshi-Soba from Demon Slayer Season2 Episode1. Soba is one of the most typical Japanese meals. Soba is a very simple dish with only a few ingredients and seasonings used, so it is an easy dish to try.

What is Oroshi-Soba?

It is soba noodles in cold or hot soup with grated daikon radish (It’s called OROSHI in Japanese) on top. In Demon Slayer, soba noodles in hot soup are served. In addition to grated daikon, various toppings such as green onions and wakame seaweed may also be topped.

How to Make Soup


Soba soup (“Men-tsuyu”) is necessary when making soba noodles and it has a very important role in the taste of soba.

There are three ways to make men-tsuyu.

  1. You can make it by making dashi stock (
  2. If you are not comfortable or do not have time to make dashi from scratch, you can use instant dashi stock and season it with soy sauce and mirin or sugar.
  3. You can also buy soba soup base at asian supermarket. This is the easiest way to make it. (I did this way for this recipe)

Please find your favorite way.

You can also see how to make Kakiage-Tempura from the YouTube link below.

How to Make Oroshi-Soba from Demon Slayer

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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 1 sperson


  • 1 serving soba noodle dried

Soba Soup

  • 210 ml water
  • 70 ml mentsuyu / soba soup base dilute it three times with water. The amount of dilution varies depending on the product, so please check the product description!


  • 3 cm daikon radish, grated
  • ½ spring onion, thinly sliced


To make soba soup

  • Heat water and soba soup base in a pot over medium heat.

To prepare toppings

  • Cut the spring onion into small pieces.
  • Peel the daikon radish and grate it.

To boil soba

  • Boil a large pot of water ( 1liter / 43oz) for boiling the soba noodles. Also, heat 0.5liter (17oz) of water in a separate pot. Put soba noodles into 1 liter of hot water and stir well.
  • If the buckwheat flour content is high, the water level will gradually rise along with the bubbles. If you add a small amount of water or adjust the heat, it will not overflow, so don't be panic!!
  • Boil according to the directions on the package. After boiling, rinse off the wetness from the buckwheat noodles under running water.
  • Put the noodles back into the 0.5litter of hot water that has been heated separately.

To serve

  • Drain the water from the soba in a strainer and serve it in a donburi bowl.
  • Pour soup over noodles and top with grated daikon radish and spring onions.
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