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Japanese Ingredients

dried bonito
Japanese Ingredients

What is dried bonito and how to use it

Dried bonito (Katsuobushi – かつお節) is a Japanese preserved food made by boiling the meat of bonito and then drying it. Cut off the head, fins, and part of the abdomen from the fish, grate it into three or more pieces. Then, shape it into a boat shape called “fushi” […]

fried tofu
Japanese Ingredients

What is Fried Tofu (Aburaage) and How to use

Fried tofu is called Aburaage – 油揚げ in Japanese. It’s known as tofu cut into thin slices and fried in oil, but it refers to tofu made in a different way from the normal tofu production method, and then deep fried in oil at the right temperature. The raw material […]